we use gadgets to improve our lives, and these are some of the tools we use..

We use a variety of off the shelf hardware.. relying on computers to handle the complex task of encoding a signal, and streaming it to the internet. Our setup has evolved numerous times over the pass two years, our signal chain is significantly more complex than it was when we started. Utilizing industry standard hardware and software platforms, the evolution of the gadgets that make all this possible have kept pace with the development of our production process. 

During the pandemic summer of 2020, we remodeled Sunroom Studios, and in the process, were able to re-imagine the ergonomics of our control room and broadcast booth, enabling a much more engaging and fluid space to emerge. With 5.1 surround monitoring, and a dedicated booth monitoring system, we are able to provide individualized in ear mixes. It has been no small task, but the end result has had a significant impact on our ability to translate concepts into reality. 

Video conferencing has changed the way we communicate, enabling us to have special guests from all over the continental United States, and as far away as Germany.

The visuals used during the live stream are created using a combination of 
OBS and 

both of which are incredible pieces of software.

In 2020, BeckWalterGroup has partnered with KLST 103.5 to expand the listening options. You can catch our live stream between 2-4 pm eastern standard time, at: 


remember to check out 

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We are Recording Artists, who'are passionate about diversity of ideas. We help promote long form dialogue through our weekly talk shows which can be found  here:

We are also here to promote music, the arts, and a limited range of movie genres.. we also talk about food..

We are not compensated by the companies we mention, and only work for ourselves.